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Horticulture workers, Whose work related to design, develop, maintain and remodels gardens and landscapes of private and business residences. They use a wide range of gardening skills to create a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

             – Landscape architect: whose work involved in the planning, design and sometimes direction of a landscape, garden, or distinct space

–   Nursery Worker: growing and selling plants. They can work in either retail or wholesale nurseries and may specialize in areas such as native plants, advanced trees or flowers.

–   Arborist: Caring and maintains trees in urban environments. The work may include tree climbing using ropes and a harness or operating from elevated platforms.

–   Floriculturist: producing fresh and dried flowers and foliage for wholesale, flower markets, florists, retail outlets and, increasingly, overseas export.

-Greenhouse technician: who deals with planting, harvesting and the science behind growing crops in the greenhouse

In addition, Manchains also supplies other kinds of horticulture such as horticulturist; irrigation technician; park naturalist; forest and conservation worker; tree service technician; ground maintenance worker; agronomist.

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