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Vietnam is now drawing much attention for enterprises planning to expand their businesses. In fact, many foreign firms have entered into Vietnam, which is attracting attention from Asia and other parts of the world as one of the most energetic markets in the world. Vietnam was admitted as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) by the General Council on November 7, 2006, and officially became the 150th member on January 11, 2007. Thus, the economic development of Vietnam is becoming more and more promising. In this context, demand for workers and staffs is growing rapidly in Vietnam.

Manchains, which has been engaged mainly in recruitment business for more than 10 years, will support you to fill a variety of different positions within different industries. Our recruitment agency is specialized in many Industries: construction, oil and gas, industrial and manufacturing

  • We have an extensive international and local Candidate Network.
  • We cover all types of Candidates, Clients and Project stages.
  • We offer a range of services in recruitment and related HR fields (work permit for expats, visas, etc.).

Industry we provide mass recruitment service:

      + Construction: Manchains can provide a large number of construction worker to the project conducted in Vietnam: temporary and contracting types

     + Oil and gas: Manchains can provide a large number of oil and gas workers to the oil and gas refinery projects conducted in Vietnam: onshore and offshore projects

     + Industrial and manufacturing:

                ·    Warehouse: loading and unloading service
                ·    Assembly
                ·    Packaging
                ·    Production
              ·    Machine operators