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In 2023, in general, the Covid situation has stabilized again, so the trend of going to Malaysia for Labor Export is still maintained and strongly developed. Moreover, in Vietnam, businesses are tending to reduce their workforce, so the unemployment rate has increased greatly, creating favorable conditions for many young people to switch to labor export.

Low cost with many great deals
Cost is an issue that always receives a lot of attention from employees. However, one thing is certain that when exporting Malaysian labor at this time, in addition to reduced costs, workers will enjoy many preferential programs such as: orders of 0 dong… Those who do not have enough expenses but still have the opportunity to work abroad.

Labor export industry with stable salary With a cost of 0 VND according to RBA

  • Seafoods: is the work processed by the Laborer from Shrimp, Squid, Fish. From Processing to packaging.

( Seafoods Product)

(Production Process)

With many years of operation, Manchains is proud to be the top unit in the field of sending workers to work abroad. Up to now, Manchains has successfully exported nearly 10,000 workers to Malaysia to work. Until now, this number is still increasing significantly.

Especially, the orders at Manchains are carefully selected, the participation conditions are simple, so the recruitment rate is extremely high, creating job conditions for Vietnamese workers. With orders such as: food, mechanical engineering, construction, electronics with attractive salary, stable working environment and good policies for employees.