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In any projects of the construction field, it is undeniable that heavy equipment plays an important role in every stage of the construction project.

“Heavy equipment” is the terms for numerous types of machines: cranes, bulldozers, front-end loaders, rollers, backhoes, graders, dredges, hoists, drills, pumps and compressors. Heavy equipment operator is the one who drives and operates these types of equipment. Acknowledging deeply the important role of a skilled team of heavy equipment operators and their increasing demand in construction project as well as in other industries, Manchains have had many training programs for heavy equipment operators and provided a large number of heavy equipment operators for clients over the world.

Some types of heavy equipment operator, Manchains can provide as follow

  • Backhoe operator
  • Excavator operator
  • Bulldozer operator
  • Loader, front loader/front-end loader operator
  • Grader operator
  • Crane operator
  • Power shovel
  • Roller operator
  • Asphalt paver operator